Field Rebuild Program

Baseball For Life is committed to helping to make a difference in the ball fields in our community.  To this point we have been able to impact three middle school programs with the initiative to make their playing conditions more consistent and safe.  In 2013 BFL improved the facility at Randolph Middle School with help from players and coaches of Marvin Ridge, Country Day and Providence Day.  A year later BFL concentrated on the fields at Albemarle Road and Eastway Middle Schools.  Again players and coaches from Providence, Weddington, Marvin Ridge and Country Day along with members of the Baseball For Life leadership program provided the manpower necessary to complete the task.  2015 will provide a new set of challenges for Baseball For Life.  BFL is partnering with Northwest Little League to help provide this third year program with their own playing fields.  Starting from “scratch” to provide a true home field is an exciting project.  Also this year we will be going back to Randolph and Albermarle Road,with the kids in our mentoring program, again on Leadership Weekend, to help prepare those fields for the upcoming season.  A final project for this winter will be helping CMS create a field for use by Piedmont Middle School at the site of an abandoned field.  Working on fields has given local high school players a chance to roll up their sleeves and make a difference by serving our community in a effort to produce quality playing sites for middle school and youth programs.  BFL thanks those players and coaches for giving back in such a positive way!

A wish list for items such as bases, dirt. Etc will be determined as the projects are finalized

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Photos from 2015 Field Service Project:




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Baseball For Life Crew is at it again.  Plans for 2014 started with the field rebuild of Eastway Middle School on Saturday, November 16th.  As you can see by the photo above we had a great number of volunteers come out, including the baseball teams from both Providence High School and Weddington High School.

The response from the 1st Annual Baseball For Life Rebuild Event (see info below) was so great that Baseball For Life is expanding to TWO events.  Our second rebuild for the 2014 Season will take place on Saturday, December 7th at Albemarle MS.

If interested in helping out in one of these events please email

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1st Annual Baseball For Life Field Rebuild Event

On Saturday, February 9th over 30 volunteers met at Randolph Middle School including players and coaches from Marvin Ridge High School, players, coaches, parents from Country Day and members of the Randolph Middle School Community for the 1st Annual Baseball For Life Field Rebuild Event.

Field improvements included -making new infield cuts, replacing home plate and pitchers plate, adding to practice bullpens with new plates, adding infield dirt, providing wind screen for outfield fence, adding protective fence topping, repairing perimeter fencing including dugout, repaired all gate openings so that they are operative, set the foul poles in concrete, painting of  foul poles, provided field distance signs, did a major perimeter clean up.

Along with making the field improvements Baseball For Life provided a storage shed and filled the shed with equipment including: 3 rakes, 1 tamp, 3 base plugs, 1 base tool and 4 bags of mound clay.

If you would like to be notified about our next rebuild in 2014 please email:

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