Mentoring Program



Baseball For Life Mentor Program

The Baseball for Life Mentor Program is designed to instill the core values of service, stewardship, leadership, and ownership in young men through interactions with Baseball for Life leaders and peer models during baseball and non-baseball focused activities. The program is comprised of a variety of events (see listing of events below) which build relationships within the group between participants and leaders and allow for the development of skills which will help participants prepare for successful futures.

The mentor program’s short term goals are straight-forward. First, we want to achieve consistent, active participation by the program’s players and families in our events. The program expects a bond to develop within the group among participants and leaders, and this can only occur when the group is together consistently for shared experiences. Another short term goal, which is at the heart of our vision for the program, is improved academic achievement in participants. The importance of valuing one’s education and developing self-directed habits that result in academic growth will be emphasized. A foundation for success in life can be built on developing academic ability, as these skills are transferable to any passion or endeavor. Most importantly, these skills enable young people to take advantage of opportunities, whenever and however they arise.

We will continuously review the progress of the mentor program and the effectiveness of each event in achieving the goals of building connections and fostering youth development. Our long term vision is that the program will foster deep connections and develop lifelong leadership and service skills that the participants own moving forward in life.

Currently, there are 38 youth, grades 5 through 9, participating in the Mentor Program, along with 9 ‘Peer Models’ (10th-12th graders) and 10 Baseball for Life ‘Coaches’.


2017/2018 Core Events:

Dec. 2nd 4-6pm 2017-18 Kickoff On Deck Academy

Jan. 19th 6-8:30pm Leadership Weekend Country Day HS

Jan. 20th 9:00-10:30am Service Project On Deck Academy

Jan. 20th 11:30-1:30pm Group Outing Bowling

Feb. 9th 6:30-8:30pm B4L Dinner Raintree Country Club

Mar. TBD TBD High School Baseball Game TBD

Mar. 17th 9-12pm Service Project River Keeper

April 21st – UNC Charlotte Baseball Game

June TBD Summer Camp TBD

July 30th 6:30-9pm Charlotte Knights Game BB&T Ballpark


Baseball Workout Dates:

Dec. 16th 4-6pm

Jan. 13th 4-6pm

Feb. 24th 4-6pm

Apr. 7th 4-6pm