“Marvin Ridge is proud to support “Baseball for Life”: I remember 10 years ago, working the first “Baseball for Life” camp with my good friend Mike Shildt, I also remember meeting people like Ed Walton and Brick Smith and other baseball “lifers” at that camp. As a young coach , this showed me that the Baseball Community cared and can be involved in touching the lives of young people. As I have gotten older, I understand that teaching core values and giving back to the greatest game in the world  is not only important , it is what we are “called” to do.”
-Mark Mennitt Head Coach Marvin Ridge

“Baseball for Life is a very impressive organization. The positive impact this organization will have on the greater Charlotte and surrounding area will be enormous. It is truly a service organization to give back. Baseball has been very good to me….and I am blessed to have a vehicle to show my appreciation!!!”
-Hal Bagwell Head Coach Ardrey Kell

“I want to take a moment to thank everyone associated with Baseball for Life. The baseball team at James Martin Middle School really appreciated the donated cleats and sports equipment. There are many programs who say that they will help schools and community programs but there is usually a waiting list, a long wait to get items and lots of paperwork. I personally want to thank you for making the process paperless, painless and effortless on our part. It was a pleasure collaborating with you. Consider James Martin Middle School to be Baseball for Life’s NUMBER 1 Fan!”
-Ramon Allen Head Coach James Martin Middle School

“The passion that the Baseball for Life organization presented during the Coaches clinic was infectious. I believe the attended participants were given a unique opportunity to gain insight from extremely knowledgeable coaches that will equate to a competitive edge over coaches that were not in attendance. Being a fairly new coach, this clinic was a real confidence builder as we head into spring season with insightful and practical information that can be immediately applied on the field.” B.R.

“I’ve been around baseball playing, studying, and coaching for more than 30 years and this clinic provided the best half-day of instruction I’ve ever experienced. The quality of instructors and the spirit of collaboration was top notch. I can’t recommend this clinic highly enough. It should be a requirement for all youth coaches.”

“Every little league should require their coach’s to attend this clinic.”

“Regardless of your level of experience in coaching – this clinic provided a great environment to gain more strategies and ideas to help improve the experience you bring as a coach to your youth baseball teams.” TD

“Great clinic to confirm some things I teach in practice and pick up other ways to coach!” TS

“Baseball for life opened up new ideas for me to improve my baseball team at the very next practice. These coaches know their baseball.” QG