• Another Successful B4L Event!

    2014 Summer Camp
  • Using baseball to help develop life skills in young men

    A Mentoring Program
  • Was a HUGE Success!

    2nd Annual Coaches Clinic
  • B4L Hosts a Successful Leadership Weekend!

    Leadership Weekend
  • ROUND 2!

    Eastway & Albemarle MS

    Field Rebuild Program

A non-profit organization committed to enhancing the lives of young people through a mentoring program that reinforces positive behavior and develops life skills through baseball.

Service - Stewardship - Leadership - Ownership

What They Are Saying About Baseball For Life...

Mark Mennit

Head Coach - Marvin Ridge
Marvin Ridge is proud to support "Baseball for Life": I remember 10 years ago, working the first "Baseball for Life" camp with my good friend Mike Shildt, I also remember meeting people like Ed Walton and Brick Smith and other baseball "lifers" at that camp. As a young coach , this showed me that the Baseball Community cared and can be involved in touching the lives of young people. As I have gotten older, I understand that teaching core values and giving back to the greatest game in the world  is not only important , it is what we are "called" to do.

Hal Bagwell

Head Coach - Ardrey Kell
Baseball for Life is a very impressive organization. The positive impact this organization will have on the greater Charlotte and surrounding area will be enormous. It is truly a service organization to give back. Baseball has been very good to me....and I am blessed to have a vehicle to show my appreciation!!!